Founder and Owner

Mr. David Tay is the founder and owner of Author Intellectual Property, who is responsible to spearhead the company’s direction, ensuring that it is continuously in the vanguard of every aspect of intellectual property in order to be in line with the ever growing business needs.

He is conferred the degree of Bachelor of Biotechnology with Honours in the field of Drug Design and Development by the University of Queensland, Australia.

As a Registered Patents, Trade Marks, and Industrial Designs Agent, he is the lead intellectual property consultant in Author IP. He has years of experience in all aspects of intellectual property such as registration of patents, trade marks, and industrial designs, patent drafting, prior art search, trade marks search, consultation and advisory on patents, trade marks and industrial designs, and other intellectual property related in-depth knowledge and skills that are essential for helping clients to secure their intellectual property rights as well as setting the right business strategic direction for them.

David has previously worked in a couple of highly esteemed intellectual property companies prior to the founding of this company. During his course of employments, he has the privilege to work closely with large research organizations, universities, business owners, multi-national companies, corporations, small medium enterprises, public listed companies, and inventors. With such huge array of clients, he is exposed to various fields of technology and industry and able to prosecute on the same from every aspect of intellectual property such as biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals, food technology and industry, information and communications technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and many others.

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